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Name: Treacle Fingers
Subject: 3 distinct individual
Date: Thursday, October 13, 2005
Time: 7:09:30 AM
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3 distinct individual

There were 3 events that stirred my stones consciousness.

1. Summer of 72, my parents went over to their friends house...I was 7 milling around, and picked up a stones K-Tel type album, while, with 6 photos on the cover, MJ, KR, MT, BJ, BW, and CW. My only memory of that was, I knew the stones were a 5 piece (I don't remember how I knew that), and I was trying to figure out which photo was a duplicate. Was it the KR and the BW one? No. Was it the MT and BJ one (because of the blonde hair)? No. I was confused, and didn't figure that one out.

2. 1978....disco. I got Saturday Night Fever and a couple of other albums. I was watching daytime TV, some sort of entertainment report, and they played a portion of the Miss You video. They played the part where Mick is dancing and singing directly to the camera. I remember thinking, WTF??? What the hell is this?

3. 1980....listening to my clock radio at night. She's So Cold comes on. It's like someone has finally 'plugged me in'. I'm in shock! I can't get over the guitar's, and the vocal. I'm hooked in an instant! I buy ALL their albums, CD's, posters, clothing, concerts, stickers, buttons. I'm also the ONLY fan I know in high school. Everyone else is into AC/DC. That is until the next year, when Tattoo You comes out. I am vindicated!

25 years later, (and thousands of dollars I might add), I finally get to see them play She's So Cold live in Toronto. Fantastic!

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