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Name: manny in ny
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Poll Post and your other comments
Date: Friday, November 06, 2020
Time: 2:15:41 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: Poll Post and your other comments

Hi guys i voted for sloop john b but i like you guys love lightfoots song too.A hard days night,stunning movie soundtrack...10,lp or ep photos 3 or 4 perhaps.Come on is a simple song but i gave it a ten,sort of a high ranking i know because i dont spin it often but when i do it sounds good always.Creque alley got my vote poor mama cass..great song.Yes the election is all but over,i thought would be close.I tend to agree with keno these people in the deep south who blindly follow the tangerine toddler are moronic...their slogan is give me liberty or give me the virus.They believe largely in part to the radio schills hannity,limbaugh,savage,lavin that all democrats are radical gun stealing communists,satanists,pedophiles,closet gays, and socialists who are coming after your guns and bibles...they are beyond moronic,and led by trump the king moron,,very dangerious.And i agree with pluto if it were not for the virus he likely would have skated back into the white house as brain dead and obnoxious as he is.He mishandled the virus right from the start and did absolutely nothing to try to slow it down,he never cared about the virus victims just his stock market constituants.He wanted us all to inject disinfectant,drink bleach,shine lights into our bodies and ignore the virus,go maskless,,it will be gone by easter the moron said?!If he had just addressed the virus with half an effort with half a brain hed have been relected.But hes a spoiled witless teflon buffoon.So it goes....Hey r,,i,,p,,keith hemsley uriah heep vocalist and len barry,,,singer on 1 2 3,great song,and he wrote and he wrote kemosabe by the electric indian.

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