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Name: pluto
Subject: : RE: RE: RE: Thanks manny for your sane reply
Date: Sunday, November 08, 2020
Time: 8:10:24 AM
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: RE: RE: RE: Thanks manny for your sane reply

I hardly live on the other side of the World Keno, I'm only on the other side of the Atlantic lol. It'll probably surprise you to know that people all around the World follow American politics closely, and especially in Presidential election years. There's a very good reason for that. There are always consequences that reach well beyond the shores of the United States when that most powerful democracy elects a President. So whilst I'm not in the U.S., I get more than enough coverage of U.S. politics to form an opinion, and link it to events in other parts of the globe, particularly the U.K. and Europe.

I'm not quite sure how, from what I said, you have concluded that I am somehow intent on showing deference to Trump. I agree that Biden wining was a better thing for the U.S, and it's democracy, than a Trump victory. However, I don't regard it as a 'Big' victory. Weighing up the result, and the situation Biden (and the World) is facing, I see it as more of a holding job. The conditions that created Trump, and others of his ilk, still exist. That, in my view, is not about to change any time soon.

Keno I am well aware that in some quarters Trump is 'hated', but I'm equally aware that that is not the universally held view in the U.S. or elsewhere. That was the thrust of my argument i.e. you have a very polarised society (as is the case elsewhere), where each side almost, if not actually, regards the other as the 'enemy'. The job for Biden which he recognises, is to bring the nation together. Whether he can or not remains to be seen, my own view is that the ongoing pandemic, and the coming economic tsunami, will make that goal very difficult.

I have no wish to rain on your parade, and I wish you all the best in helping to make America 'great' again (whatever that actually means). I fear though, that Biden's victory will only buy the country a short breathing space, before you're all at each others throats, again. I hope I'm wrong, not just for the people of the United States, but for people everywhere. A dangerous and divided America is the last thing we need.

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