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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Poll Post and your other comments
Date: Thursday, November 05, 2020
Time: 4:09:10 AM
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RE: RE: Poll Post and your other comments

Since I've hadn't spoken about my own voting in these polls a lot of late (really, hardly anymore), let me do so this week:

I agree with you on the Stones poll, as I also rated the song a 7.

For the "Uncomfortable" poll, I had to got with the Brian Jones choice, as what happened to BJ thanks to his best friend Keith, many feel was his true ending - not only in the band, but to his life, period. No question it destroyed him as a person and lead him to doing even more hard drugs, and doom. A close second choice would be how the Stevie Nicks/Lindsey Buckingham drama worked out, and is still working out (or not working out) to this day between the 2. Wasn't it just last year (or 2 years ago max?) where Buckingham was dismissed from the Mac because of this very thing that won't end between the 2? A very heavy thing - still, all these years later for them to deal with. Buckingham might have wrote the lyrics "Go your own way!" to Nicks, but in the end, all these years later, it was the Mac telling him to do just that.

I also took the Beach Boys over Lightfoot, but damn that was a hard choice indeed!

I gave the Beatles EP cover a 7.

Then finally, and on a total different subject, you wrote:

Well, looks like you've called it wrong again old son, Trump isn't going to lose it big time, it's conceivable he might even win it.

You wrote that thanks to these words that I wrote: but regardless, the jerk will be voted out of office, unless all of the people in the U.S. are all total morons. Well, we’re not morons, but Trump sure is and Mr. Pig will lose big time come Tuesday, mark my words.

Well, you got to understand, I'm going by what I see from where I live and what I hear from others, both in my very liberal hometown, and in my blue home state. So on that note, I was 100% correct! He lost in a mini landslide in Colorado and by a giant, major landslide within the county I reside in (70%!). Since that is where I reside, I can look at my fellow citizens and say, we are clearly one giant step ahead of the rest of the totally fucked up country that we live in. Of course, not the entire country is fucked up, the entire northeast is totally sane along with most of the west. It's just the middle and lower part of midwest and almost all of the south that's fucked. I'm sorry, but anybody who voted for Trump is a total moron. How can anybody vote for this corrupt con man? If one is right wing, fine, there were other choices to go with. But Trump is a total con, and the worst thing to ever happen to the U.S. He's even worse than Nixon was, as hard as that is to say.

The U.S.A. is split right down the middle, and the liberal left still don't get it.

You are totally wrong with that statement! The left totally gets it, and sees it..... It's everybody else, or mostly everybody else in the country that doesn't get it! For you to state that tells me you also don't get it, but of course, you live so far away from this mess we have here in the States. Lucky you! I've never been to Europe, and more than likely will never get there, but always wished I lived there. Europe has never had the hate the U.S. has, other than the Muslim extremists that you do have, but then again, those religions nuts are here, too, along with the crazy Xians that only seem to be crazy in America.

If covid-19 hadn't turned up Trump would have strolled this..

I disagree. Plus, as Trump said after he got to pick the latest Supreme Court justice, he wasn't elected for just 3 years, he gets 4 full years and in this very important last year for him, he could not have fucked up more! This year counts just as much as is first 3 years of failures counted, it just counts more so.

the big question is though, why didn't Putin pull out all the stops to ensure his man comfortably walked back in through the door of the big house? lol

No LOL at all, it's a very sad thing, and of course the most corrupt man on Earth, Putin, still tried to help out his buddy. That is clear and noted by U.S. intelligence. He just didn't have the advantage that he had 4 years ago, so his impact wasn't as big. Yet if Trump somehow gets in for another 4 years, maybe he still did?

The odds are still against Trump getting reelected, he's running out of time and outstanding votes as I type this. He would have to win all of the 6 remaining states to get back in and that's unlikely to happen, where as Biden only needs one or 2 states tops to win, depending on which states he picks up. I just wish this thing would get settled so those of us living here will know just what's ahead for us in the next 4 years. We can't more on until we know that.

Hell, I got yet another visit to the hospital today for treatment, in about 9 hours time, so why should I even care at this point about this crap? Well, it does at least get my mind off of this BS that my old body is putting me through, but in the end I still got to deal with this broken old body, too. As I always like to say, so goes life in old age!

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