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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Thanks again dude! (Edited, plus link added)
Date: Saturday, November 07, 2020
Time: 10:58:06 AM
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RE: Thanks again dude! (Edited, plus link added)

What was originally posted here has been removed since I wasn't being positive, even if I did end it on a positive note. But the rest of that sucked, even if it wasn't meant to suck. I was just being honest to my friend manny with my answer, but hey, everybody has health issues, so why should I bitch? All of us should to be totally positive now knowing that our national nightmare is finally over, with the fascist pig trump losing.

Somewhere above in this thread I noted to pluto about people dancing in the streets, etc, in response to trump losing, and as I came on line tonight, I found a link to SNL's Weekend Update by accident. Gosh, the last time I watched that show, the late, great Don Pardo was still the announcer for the show and the newscast, and he's been gone now for several years. Anyway, it was fun to watch that newscast again, even if I have no clue who the comedians are today playing the news anchors, but from reading the comments at youtube, they been doing that for years now. Really? But they opened the bit with real news footage of people from all over celebrating trump's loss in the streets, and the entire bit was funny. Here's a link to it in case you need a good laugh:

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