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Name: gomper
Subject: Now I'm curious about Christian Lurker's post
Date: Thursday, August 03, 2017
Time: 6:49:36 PM
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Now I'm curious about Christian Lurker's post

It would be very interesting to read the post that was referenced. Could you copy and paste it for us? But I do understand if it brings up negative feelings.

Keno is correct that one cannot be an atheist if they believe in God a bit, or think there *might* be come kind of God/god. This is why, I believe, the vast majority of persons not committed to a particular faith are, in fact, agnostics.

We used to talk about atheism vs belief. I think the conversation was too simple. For example, "Christianity" today represents an enormous spectrum of beliefs and practices. There is a growing movement of non-theistic believing Christianity, a version of the faith that espouses belief in a God, but not in the classical, orthodox (small 'o') theistic deity. For these folks, there is a God but its not a God that defined in the anthropomorphized way in which the early church defined God. And many atheists lose 'faith' in their own beliefs. Being an atheist requires devotion to an questionable dogma just as being an evangelical christian does.

I think we all go back and forth somewhat between belief and non-belief.

As for the good question asked earlier of whether or not one can and should be punished for a bad life, or rewarded for good life... I do not know. And this also an area where the newcomer to Christianity could be confused. We do believe in a God that rewards and punishes. There is much scriptural evidence of this. But another major tenet of the Christian faith is that no one can earn their way into heaven. No about of good works get you there. It's faith alone that saves you.

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