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Name: pretty ill
Subject: RE: RE: Is Mick Jagger a demi-God?
Date: Thursday, August 03, 2017
Time: 2:35:03 PM
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RE: RE: Is Mick Jagger a demi-God?

interesting, but no i do not believe he is a demi god. though a fascinating human for sure.

i grew up catholic, but even early on i started to notice the discrepancies. as a kid i remember looking at the altar, with this giant cross, and nearly naked man on it, thinking /oh shit, look at that guy getting tortured up there/. but if you just take the straight words of jesus of nazareth, it is some good stuff. as is some of the hindu and buddhist texts, they are on to something.

science and religion are trying to describe the same thing. i believe that organically.

there is a force in this universe which creates, and destroys. it plays out on a small scale on our great planet. but it is what all the religions of history have been implying, though not exactly, and it is what science is slowly revealing.

ive ran the gauntlet from believer, to agnostic, to atheist, and back. something is there, i just dont have a clue what it is. nature gives us clues. as does art, philosophy, meditation, science, and religion too. but the main problem with modern western religion is, those who use it for maliciousness.

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