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Name: Fatmo
Subject: RE: RE: Is Mick Jagger a demi-God?
Date: Thursday, August 03, 2017
Time: 3:55:54 AM
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RE: RE: Is Mick Jagger a demi-God?

Fair enough Keno.Of course most people dont believe in demi gods. I said i viewed it in symbolic terms. However there are many similarities between Buddhism and Hinduism which both started in India. If non Hinfus follow Hinduism it is usually called Vedanta. All Buddhists except maybe for some zen and western buddhists who have developed things in their own way, believe in the various realms. You can see them depicted in most Buddhist temples. However these are not absolute as in CHristianity....heaven and hell....but just alternative places to the human realm and people suffer in all of them. The only way not to suffer is to move beyond samsaric realms of desire. For that enlightenment is necessary and a realization of emptiness. One can only do this as a human so a human birth is always to be desired. Gods and demi gods live a long time but cant change their destiny. But like I say its symbolic to me.

So is MJ a demi god? No he is human but the nearest thing we.might see to a demi god in the human realm.

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