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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Is Mick Jagger a demi-God?
Date: Thursday, August 03, 2017
Time: 3:37:13 AM
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RE: Is Mick Jagger a demi-God?

No would be my answer.

Being that I live in a community that's main religion is Buddhism, and because of this my hometown (or my "tribe", as the locals here call it) is full of Buddhists, I can say that most of them, if not all of them, don't believe in demi-Gods at all. But we also have lots of Hindus here too (the second largest religion in town, we only lack Christians here for the most part), and demi-Gods is something that Hinduism is more into teaching about than the Buddhists. From what I understand about demi-Gods, and I have studied Buddhism, is that I believe only the Chinese Buddhists believe in them, while the overwhelming numbers of Buddhists in the world are Atheists and don't believe in any gods at all, or believe that all living things are their own gods removed from each other, who have no special powers.... in other words, all living things are their owns gods and that's all there is to this god nonsense.

The other thing is that the word "demi-God" can mean different things to different religions and people, and most who believed in them were from centenaries ago. But then again I don't claim to be any kind of expert on the subject matter, either.

As far as MJ goes, I understand he was once into Hinduism, him and Jerry Hall were married in the Hindu religion if I recall correctly, so if he was some kind of demi-God, there would be the connection with him. I guess the Hindus' belief is such a person is half a God and half human. The one thing about Hinduism - is that it's real big in the belief of many different Gods, which is of course the total opposite of Buddhism, which for the most part doesn't believe if any gods and teaches you to never worship any gods, you should only worship yourself, since you are your own god with no power over anybody but yourself, while nobody else has any powers over you.

Since I don't believe in gods myself, other than maybe in what the Buddhists teach on this, I would say that MJ isn't no demi-God, since they don't really exist in the first place. They are just yet another kind of god that some of mankind's silly religions made up and believe in. Mick is just one of us, and that's it my friend!

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