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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Is Mick Jagger a demi-God?
Date: Thursday, August 03, 2017
Time: 12:32:33 PM
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RE: Is Mick Jagger a demi-God?

Atheists will often say that "God" either doesn't care, or is impotent (as in he'c can't help us) or maybe he just doesn't exist.

Being an Atheist, I can tell you that I don't know a single Atheist who ever said that, since true Atheists don't believe in any god, period, so they aren't going to say that god doesn't care, etc, when we flat out don't believe in any gods or god. We might say that god doesn't care since he can't, because he doesn't exist, but no more than that. Anybody who thinks that there is maybe a god, isn't a Atheist either. Such folks are agnostic. I have had a few Atheists say to me that I'm not a true Atheist myself because I half believe that yes, the Buddhists got it right in saying that we are our own gods. But that is clearly not believing in any religious god, just using the word "god" to describe something that hasn't any other name attached to it. Plus I don't really care what others think, including my fellow Atheists. I'll believe in what I want to believe in, and since I don't believe in a religious god (I, 100% for sure, don't believe), then I'm clearly an Atheist, period. The only bad thing with being such a person is you have to put up with these other people who feel you aren't, and can't be, moral, if you don't believe in a god, which is total crap. You want to fear some god all of your life, fine, that's your business, but I can lead a good and more than likely a better life than many religious people lead and be even more moral than they are. I don't know how many people here remember Christian Lurker from about 15 or so years ago, who posted only one time and who's post was crowned Gasland's most famous post ever made (the post was saved in the "Let it Loose" section of Gasland under "Gassy posts", which is no longer maintained since that was Undercover's baby, not mine, but that section is still linked to on the board's homepage**), but that nutjob was perhaps the best example of the biggest self righteous jerk to ever post here.

I will just go with what I always have said, you believe in what you want to believe in - and I'll believe in what I know is the truth for me, and that should be the end to all of this. But just let me be... please... and all will be just fine.

**Before I posted this, I went back to that sick post noted above. I hadn't read it in many years, and half of me still thinks it should not have even been saved, if only because of the flat out lies stated in there, not only about me, but about my fellow Gassers, most of whom are long gone from this board. Our replies, from what I recall (but which I did read today), set that jerk straight, but when a post can still make a person feel bad so many years later, it really shouldn't be kept up. But it did help to bringing the board together back then, while several Gassers felt it was just written as a joke and not even written by a real christian. But I still to this day think it was for real, and I still don't like reading it. Yet it also reminds me of how more open we were as a board back then, and as Gassers, in what we used to talk about here years ago. For the most part, although we still write NSC posts here, we aren't as open as we used to be, and I think Christian Lurker was one of the reasons why we started to close up a bit on that as Gasx3 moved on (I haven't talked in detail about being an Atheist here in ages myself, not up until this post today). In a strange way that post brought us together while checking what we would say in the future about our personal lives.

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