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Name: manny in ny
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: How good is Bob Dylan?
Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Time: 3:07:12 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: How good is Bob Dylan?

Certainly the first 5 or 6 lps fatmo mentioned are downright stunning and the others he mentioned are excellent too.Yeah id have to say lyrically that hes the kingpin as keno noted and its tough to beat guys like lennon and the others out.Even guys like paul simon and pete seeger etc all gave a nod to bob.He writes great melodies too mr tambourine man,dont think twice,blowin in the wind,and if not for you come to mind.I think his award would mean more to me than the one jagger was awarded.He has zero charisma as where as i say all 4 beatles and jagger and richards have a ton of charisma.Hes like john belushi in that you can count the times hes ever smiled in his life on your two hands,a very stoic dude.

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