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Name: gomper
Subject: RE: How good is Bob Dylan?
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time: 8:58:10 AM
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RE: How good is Bob Dylan?

He is simply awesome and one of the greatest recording artists of all time. Like the Stones, he is an icon and he achieved legendary status decades ago. If his career had ended in 1975 he'd probably still be household name.

Yes, he has his 4 or 5 truly great albums. But peppered throughout his 50 plus years and 38 studio albums are many, many great songs. Some real gems tucked away here and there.

As we have discussed before here, Dylan has some real advantages to his longevity and to his overall output of music. For Dylan, there is no band to 'get together' although he does have some preferred partners. But the reality is that he could make a phone call and have a band in the studio tomorrow, and be laying down tracks within a few days (probably less), whereas as the Stones have to co-ordinate vastly different schedules, deal with geography, health, etc etc. This is why we only get a new song or single every 5 or 5 years from them ☹

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