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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: How good is Bob Dylan?
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time: 1:42:11 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: How good is Bob Dylan?

"Some of the pressers he did back around '65 and '66 are quite hilarious. The media would dish out absurd questions, and Dylan's "answers" always made them look like the fools they were."

----with the very great benefit of hindsight and 'maturity' that I'm obviously still working hard on (haven't mastered) it is exactly this kind of thing that makes me realize today that Dylan was a snooty, overconfident idiot in those days who was being difficult "just because" he could be, and because he (like me) was choosing to be an over-compensating devils advocate a little too much of the time. He played with people because of his fame and his clever way with words, not because he was inherently a deep and thoughtful person.

If he were really as smart and wonderful as he maybe thought, wouldn't he have realized they were just doing their jobs in their own narrow-minded way, and that he, in his smart and oh-so enlightened wisdom, should just let up a little and not be so god-damned difficult?? This was all under the pretension of "seeing and knowing things that others couldn't, supposedly." Ballad of a Thin Man is the ultimate example of his unnecessary pomp...: so scathing and "brilliant" with all of its inside-jokes and cutting commentary, on the surface, but actually so shallow and so pitifully spiteful deep down so as to lose any real "eumphf" it maybe could have had..

That song is nothing more than a hateful flame-post on any given day at any given music site, just like this one, when boiled down to its basic core...I don't care how much it is lauded or has been written about, that's the truth.

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