"Shattered" and The Stones on the Cutting Edge

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Posted by Bite the Big Apple on July 29, 1999 at 10:20:33:

"Shattered" is not a straight rap song obviously. However, in fitting with the NYC theme of "Some Girls" it is rap influenced and ahead of its time. "Some Girls" clearly takes from a variety of influences.
"Miss You" is straight disco (wonderfully done), "Lies, "Respectable" and "WTWCD" are punk-derived. "Far Away Eyes" is country. "Shattered" is the quintessential NYC song. You'd be crazy to think that Mick did not have his ear to the street at the time, and took notice of the emergence of rap, spoken word vocals, and a solid backbeat. It isn't as in your face as that awful part in the middle of "Anybody Seen My Baby", but it has tinges of rap and is definately ahead of its time. Mick is always very aware of musical styles- that's why his 80's albums are so 80's. If "Shattered" were released in 1999 or even in the late 1980's, it would still be well received, but the Stones would be accused of selling out. Mick is a very bright man, he knows what is going on- and "Shattered" echoes what music was emerging in NYC in 1978 on the street. The Stones just added their magic dust and made it great. Give it another listen if that's what it takes- Mick essentially speaks the whole song. But I have to strongly dissagree if you do not feel like that song was not ahead of its time. It is a great example of a underappreciated area of the Rolling Stones.

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