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Name: Demon Life
Subject: RE: RE: I've Done It, Have You?
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Time: 7:04:22 AM
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RE: RE: I've Done It, Have You?

Ok, fair enough....the list is long:

-I lied to a nun to get away to line up for tickets in '72

-I walked past an "Authorized Personnel Only" sign in NYC to meet Jane Rose in '76

-I got off on Keith's floor in the hotel in '77 and sort of sweet-talked the 300 pound guard to allow me to meet Keith (he did and Keith was very kind when I offered him a kindness during his Toronto ordeal)

-I just happened to end up in the backseat of Mick's car in '89....but then I decided to be truthful and I got out before MJ arrived (truth pays off because I got to see the video being shot)

-I got "deathly ill" the day of Keith's court appearence, so I phoned in sick from work in order to be there

-I walked into rehearsals in '94, wandered around, got lost and ended up on the rehearsal stage.....I got scared so I turned myself in and all was well.

I think the moral of my stories (and there are MANY more)is that I got to really know the band because I was honest and they could see that I'm a true fan. And I was very kind to Keith in his bleak time in Toronto.

-oh yeah, I did not get into the EL Mocambo....but I sweet-talked a cop into telling me when (the exact time) the Stones were arriving....when he gave me the signal I got into my place and put my hand on Jagger's car window....he smiled and said "hi".

That's all I have time for right now....thanks for making me recall these crazy/fun times. It sure is worth it!!DL.

Wait, here's one more beauty......I forget which year, but I handed Jagger a long stemmed rose and he stuck it into his pants.....he left it there for the remainder of the concert. Looked really sexy!!

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