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Name: stonedatbirth666
Subject: RE: RE: I've Done It, Have You?
Date: Monday, February 23, 2004
Time: 7:57:01 AM
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RE: RE: I've Done It, Have You?

Steel Wheels, me and my bro "aka the raindrop kid" won tickets to see the Stones anywhere in the USA! The contest was held at the Maine mall it was called crazy for the Stone's. First thing we did was take his car and put every song they ever released on the car. The Stones logo on the hood, a steel wheel welded on the back, some goats head soup on top with dry ice, glued on some fingers etc...the car looked awesome! The judges were blown away by the sight of the Stonesmobile! The raindrop kid was not done, then he made himself a sandwhich with salmon feast cat food and 10 live grasshoppers stuck in the catfood. He ate it with a big smile. {sporting a Keith & the wino's shirt he got when we seen the wino's in Boston 12-4-88 on my b-day....what a fuckin show!!!!!!!} Then he washed down his meal with a pint of water and 10 live goldfish! It was awesome the crowd went crazy! We both decided to see them in LA with GNR opening for them. Out of our hotel room we could see the holywood sign it was so cool. Our seats were only 20 yards from the stage. What a show, I was in seventh heaven it was amazing! God bless the Rolling Stones!!!!! Peace

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