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Name: Teiz
Subject: RE: I've Done It, Have You?
Date: Monday, February 23, 2004
Time: 7:06:26 AM
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RE: I've Done It, Have You?

Back in 1994, I wasn't informed that well about when en where the tickets would go on sale. So I was hanging out in a bar with a stones-loving friend when we heared a 'rumor' the Stonestickets would go on sale the very next morning. So, in order to be safe, we decided to go to a bigger city then the one we were in.

Problem was, we were way too drunk for any cabby to take us there. Now my buddy had a car in front of the bar, but was in no shape to drive, and neither was I, so we needed someone who would want to come along...there was this girl who didn't have her license yet, but was taking lessons. We decided that was good enough to hand her the wheel. So off we went.

At that time it was four in the morning, and in front of the tourist info center - they used to sell the tickets there in the Netherlands - not a soul was was freezing damn hard, we were out of drinks, the girl wanted to go home (on second thought) and when the first newspapers were delivered at six o clock en there was not a word on the tickets show, al hope was lost. We were still to much intoxicated to drive, so the girl hopped behind the wheel once more and took us home.

I woke up four hours later because my mother was on the phone: Radio announced the tickets were on sale and they were going like madmen. So I stumbled out of bed, called up my buddy and we ran like there was no tomorrow to the nearest sales point we could find.

We managed to get tickets for all three shows without having to stand in line. The place were we bought the tickets was a 300 yards away from the bar we had hung out right before we heared the rumor...

For the Licks tour, I got my club gig tickets (Vredenburg) by calling the ticket sales line. I think that is even more ridiculous a story then the previous one.

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