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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: I've Done It, Have You?
Date: Monday, February 23, 2004
Time: 11:24:49 AM
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RE: I've Done It, Have You?

I can think of a few things, like years ago sleeping outside overnight on line, which wasn't any big deal back then, I've done that for other bands too (today it would be weird, with online ticket buying, etc.). Then there was the bribing/giving drugs to a security guard at MSG back in '73, since we didn't have tickets, but I told that story here already (see the archives from the old board for that story). One story I'm not sure if I've told, and is a bit crazy, happened back in '78, when the Stones were gonna be on Saturday Nite Live. On that day, me and the wife had just entered Canada via Detroit, and were heading for Montreal to spend a couple of days. From what I can recall, it was about a day's drive from Detroit. As it was we had a hard time getting across the border, as they checked every inch of the car. Guess they figured we had drugs since I was a longhair (of course we did, but just for our own personal use, and well hidden). So I'm driving along wondering how to convert KPH from MPH, since I didn't want to get stopped for speeding, since all the speed limit signs were in metric. So when we were more than half way there (somewhere in Canada), I find a US rock radio station and they start to talk about the fact the Stones are on SNL tonight. Since we had been camping out for like a week, we didn't have a clue the Stones were gonna be on. Going to Montreal was my idea, the wife didn't want to go anywhere they didn't speak english, and my french was/is real bad. So the first thing out of my mouth was: "Do they even get American TV there, and if so, do they show SNL there, and would we even get there before the show was on??." So the wife said "lets turn around". We could not turn around, we were heading to NY after Montreal anyway, so I suggested we split Canada and head to Buffalo, which we did. Of course, we again had the car gone over very fine at the US border, and I was getting pissed since it was getting late. But we got into Buffalo, and all the hotel rooms seemed to be full. We finally found a place outside of town and had about an hour to spare for the show. I remember the wife commenting while we watched, that Mick was losing his voice (he was sick that nite and was the worst I've ever heard him sing), but we didn't care, we got to see the Boys! I now look back on that day, and think about the fact that people flee countries because of wars, or political reasons, etc., but we fled a foreign country for the sole reason to see the Stones on TV!

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