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Name: All Night Drug Prowling Wolf
Subject: Electric Discharge
Date: Monday, February 23, 2004
Time: 11:14:27 AM
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Electric Discharge

Between Teiz's story and stonedatbirth666 stories. Both were great.

The only crazy,stupid and weird thing I did was back in 1989. I left SF in May of 1989, to end a relationship. I rented my sisters apartment in Philly for the summer, it was something like 100.00 a month. I got a shitty job at Tower Records on South Street. We got given a bunch of Stones tickets. We were suppoesed to pay for them, I thought the were free at the time. We were given them up front, kinda a scam. It turned out the Philly show became the first show of the tour. They cancelled a show in Buffallo or Boston (not sure). This was the infamous show were the power went out during Shattered, which was dropped from the setlist. So the next day, I get a call from a friend informing me I owe money for the tickets. I never had money back then. I was pretty much never sober and always broke. This was a great summer, but that's another story. So now I have a problem, O owe money I don't have. I get a hold of some friends in Jersey and convince them I can help them make alot of money in Philly that night. These friends had connections with dead heads who sold lots of LSD. They had a few sheets and were not selling well. They came up to Philly and we went down to The Vet. I proceeded to sell their wares for 5 bux a pop. This was good stuff too. I had done some a week or so earlier (flashback moment), I'm ok now.

We made a ton of money that night, they paid me very generously. For some reason we never went in the show. I can't remember why. I don't think we tried, regretable moment now. We smoked weed and drank and hung out all night. After the show many of our customers greeted us on return. It's hard to describe...They were very happy and very, very high. I remember one guy was so out there he just babbled and gurgled, his friend translated, he was having the best night of his life.

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