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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Several replies in one....
Date: Sunday, February 10, 2019
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RE: RE: RE: RE: Several replies in one....

Had Entwistle been in the Beatles, Paul would have never had to switch over to bass. Fans forget that bass wasn't Paul's first instrument, he only started to play it in the Beatles since their first bass player Stu Sutcliffe, was kinda like a Sid Vicious, he wasn't in the band for his musicianship, since he wasn't a musician at all! Like Sid, Stu never played his bass while up on stage, as it was unplugged, while Paul, who was suppose to be playing rhythm on his guitar, was instead forced to play Stu's bass lines for him on his 6 string. Once Stu left, he just got himself a bass guitar and played it instead of the group looking for a new bassist. But with Entwistle in the band, who knows what Paul would have played, he may have stayed on the guitar, or maybe have become the band's keyboardist, or had there been no Ringo, he could have been the singing drummer in the band for that matter.

Townshend would not had fit in the Beatles at all, even if he was there playing the lead instead of George, but damn they would have had 3 leaders and 3 main song writers if he was in there - and a much better lead guitarist, no question! With Bonham on drums instead of Ringo, on my goodness! The Beatles would have been on fire for every single song, and none of their pop songs would have sounded the same. They would have in those early days sounded more like the Dave Clark 5 or the Who as far as their drummer's parts went, or sounded like the Who or the Kinks as far as their lead guitar playing went with Townshend in there. All of that would have totally changed their early sound. But with Bonham, he would have only fitted in with them in their second stage, once they got into the mid to late '60s. My bringing him up was only to point out that he, while a great well known drummer anyway while in Led Zep, he would have been even more well known in the Beatles.

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