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Date: Saturday, February 09, 2019
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RE: RE: RE: RE: Several replies in one....

Agree with both of you, but still, neither would have made it as big without Lennon/McCartney. In fact, almost every other lead guitarist and drummer out there at the time, no matter who they were, would have made it bigger had they been in the Beatles with Lennon and McCartney. That includes the best of the bunch, as even a John Entwistle and John Bonham would have been bigger if they were in the Beatles, or even a Watts and Wyman for that matter. With Wyman having several hits had he been in the Beatles, since Lennon and Mcca would have let him develop his song writing skills more so than the Glimmer Twins, who didn't give Bill at chance at all in that role, while Bill still wrote a ton of songs anyway on his own... Then for Starr, he only would have made it big had he been lucky to hook up with another big band. Had he stayed in the Hurricanes, he never would have been known. Think, who was Rory Storm's drummers in that band besides Starr? Do you know off hand? Well there were 7 or 8 of them, all pretty much unknown, in the 5 years after Ringo left the band, and until Storm ended the band in 1967 - and then died a few years after that in a very bizarre matter along with his mother.

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