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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Several replies in one....
Date: Tuesday, February 05, 2019
Time: 5:08:09 AM
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RE: Several replies in one....

First before I reply, just a note, I only sent out 15 to 20 emails w/ new passwords to former Gassers so they could reply in this poll thread, and at least 3 of them didn't make it, since their email address were no good. So if you wish to reply in this, please email me, and if you're a former Gasser you will get one of the new passwords being issued (I don't have the board's program generating random passwords anymore, instead now, I'm just going with 2 different ones for all to use, now).

Okay, so, some excellent responses here from everybody to this poll post!... here is my replies

CCHand wrote:

For the luckiest break I was tempted by Sid Vicious but it didn't turn out that great for him so I went with Linda McCartney.

I would say it did, since nobody would have known who he was had he not gotten into the Sex Pistol - a band he had no business being in since he couldn't play any instruments and wasn't a musician. He actually never did play for them, either, as again, he didn't know how to play bass. But he made it big simply for his Punk look - that's why he got into the band. Yes, he ended up dead once the band ended, after he killed his girlfriend, but before that happened, he did make it big.

Crazy Statbuck, who's brain is clearly frozen solid from the Minnesota bitter cold, wrote:

I like Exile the best!

Exile? What's that? It sounds like.... well, for some reason, it reminds me of something that would be very overrated! (Note: I can write this now that the old and now disbanded Gasland Exile Mafia is no more! LOL!)

Max wrote:

I'm having a problem with the polls loading. Anyone else?

The polls and domain were down for a bit on and off Monday afternoon.

manny, in regard to the first Rock poll, wrote:

i voted for sid vicious but should have maybe tried k west or l mccartney or even motley crew,ugh? I cringe when i see votes for ringo though,i knew hed be on the list but lets give him more love?Hes a talented cool guy,sure he got lucky but hes not overrated if thats possible?

Hate to tell you this manny, but not only is he who I voted for, but he's why I thought up the poll question in the first place! My vote for him had nothing to do with talent, had it, the clear winner would have been his close friend's wife, Linda. But I went with "luck" only here. Ringo flat out never would have made it to the degree he did without Lennon and McCartney, period. While his buddy George also was lucky to make it as big as he did thanks to the same 2 guys, I still feel that George would and could have made it big either on his own or in another band, whereas Ringo, an average drummer at best, never would have made it big. While yes there are a few listed on the poll's list that had less talent than he, he still made it big thanks to Lennon and Macca only.

FBender wrote:

I voted for "Chapel of Love", just about a perfect song in every respect, although "Hey Paula" is a tough one to beat as well.

I always think of my oldest sister with this song, she just loved it and I got to know and love so many of the early '60s songs thanks in part to her.

I'm surprised at how poorly "Hey Paula" is doing in the early voting, as it's getting it's ass kicked right now. Maybe the song is cheesy, but I still liked it as a kid.

FB also noted:

"All My Loving" a "10". Lennon's steady speed-strum rhythm guitar demonstrates a level of musicianship that often got overlooked in the band's early years.

Agree, he got overlooked in part because of Lennon himself. He never felt he was anything but a average guitarist when he was actually a step ahead of most who played guitar. But that rhythm on this song was really the lead, as what George was playing on there wasn't the lead at all, other than again at the bridge.

My Picks:

Stones 1: A "9". The camera angles still could have been better, even if this wasn't the band's fault. That stupid shaking of the camera also sucked big time, too.

Stones2: SF by several light years.

Rock 1: As noted, Ringo. Kanye West would be a close second along with Sid Vicious and a few others.

Rock VS: "Chapel of Love" by The Dixie Cups

Fab Poll: A 10!

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