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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: 2 replies in 1 (NSC)
Date: Thursday, January 03, 2019
Time: 1:45:32 AM
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RE: RE: RE: 2 replies in 1 (NSC)

HR asked:

So is it like Frozen Humidity? Kinda sorta?

No, not at all. Humidity isn't precipitation at all, humidity is the total amount of moisture in the air that the air can hold. Diamond dust is a rare form of precipitation, like snow, just in the form of ice crystals. They get their name because they actually look like diamonds falling from the sky - or more so - floating in the air around you. They are so light that when they occur, some of them are rising up - while other ones are falling - and yet other ones are going sideways. So they go in all different directions at the same time - and once the sun rises, they reflect off the sunlight, so that's when and why they actually do sparkle like hundreds of diamonds in the air. So picture all of that taking place outside your window, it is a show like no other, and again, very rare indeed. Oh, and again, it's got to be below zero F for them to form, so yes, best bet is to watch them from inside your house so you can keep warm.

manny wrote:

I dont remember it here in buffalo but we must have experienced it?

NY state isn't listed as ever having them before, but it does get cold enough in upstate NY where you live manny for them, so I would think they could happen there. I've only seen them listed as falling in 2 or 3 of the New England states, along with 4 or 5 western states. My guess is they don't occur in Europe, other than maybe in the Alps? Plus Russia gets them, too, and of course, in Antarctica they are common. But they are amazing to see!

One last note on this - they also can occur very high up in the sky on sunny or cloudy days when the sun peeks out just a bit - but when that happens they are just called officially ice crystals, or a "perihelion", but more commonly called by laymen either "Sundogs" or "a phantom sun", since they gather together way up above and look like a second sun in the sky. There is a photo up on my local weather photo page, about half way down the page of this happening here in our town, taken a few years ago by my late friend Yeshee, and yes, it looks like 2 or even 3 suns are out up in the sky when this happens, as they form on one or both sides of the sun.

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