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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: humidity (NSC)
Date: Thursday, January 03, 2019
Time: 11:36:24 AM
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RE: RE: RE: humidity (NSC)

I always thought it sorta went humidity gets so great it forms clouds and in turn gets greater and forms precipitation.

Yes, you'r correct! That's exactly how precip happens, it forms when the humidity gets high and meets the point of saturation up high in the atmosphere, resulting in rain, snow or whatever falls to the ground. Only difference with DD is it's not high up in the sky, but like fog, forms near the ground, in part thanks to the humidity the snow on the ground generates, along with the cold below zero temps. Just like all that mixes together to from precip way up high in the sky, in this situation, it forms the precip near ground level with a clear sky overhead. But no, humidity still isn't precipitation at all, it's just what helps form precip.

One last note about DD that I never knew, thanks to my color blindness. A local wrote me an email this morning thanking me for explaining DD, and noted this to me: "I was snowshoeing yesterday morning and was amazed to see the beautiful large chyrstals, but also the colors!! Mostly blue and some red and green".... I noted either here or in that piece I wrote, that DD is white. I had no clue they had color to them, as I suffer from bad colorblindness! I've never noticed color in them before, but if that isn't pointed out to me, I'll never see the color. It's like rainbows - which we get often here in the mountains, I can't see all of their colors in them like most can. I can see only 2 colors in the rainbow, what I believe is, well to my broken eyes are - blue and yellow, that's it. But if somebody points out to me that there's color in DD too, well now I'll try to look for that next time they happen.

I won't have been surprised if the DD had happen again this morning, as it was even colder (-10 degrees F) with the same freezing fog hanging low over the big valley down below us (it's like being up in up a airplane looking down below at the ground and seeing clouds below you above the land), but this time, no DD. But maybe if I look for the color next time they happen, even I might see that in them (well, I might see the blue anyway)... I'm also no expert on real diamonds at all, but I guess they have colors to them, too, as I just looked that info up and learned that just now, too! I never knew that (or saw that before) in real diamonds, either! You're never too old to learn new things in life, but it does suck when you're as colorblind as I am... I only got one color cone in my 2 eyes and you are suppose to have 3 in them. People who have 2 are slightly colorblind, with only one, you are severely colorblind. But that's how I was born and their's no cure for it.... but so goes life, and no one is perfect.

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