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Name: Keno
Subject: Diamond dust (NSC)
Date: Wednesday, January 02, 2019
Time: 1:31:29 PM
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Diamond dust (NSC)

Being that I'm the local weatherman in my home town and the only trained one within at least 3 hours of here, I like to report rare weather events, like what we saw falling here this morning, that being... diamond dust! How many of you Gassers have ever seen this fall from the sky before? I never realized (well paid attention to) just how rare this event was, but after receiving a couple of emails from locals on this, I did some research this morning and yes, it is very rare indeed, unless you live in the arctic, or maybe around here where we see it once in a blue moon. But this clear blue sky precipitation only forms with temps below zero (degrees F that is, or -18 C... it was -9 F [-23 C] here this morning), and the conditions must be just right for them to happen, so most places never see them. Anyway, they are the coolest kind of precipitation to see - they look like white glitter filling up the sky - all this with a blue sky overhead! If you're into the weather like I am, you can read up on this very rare from of snow that I just wrote about this morning online at my weather site, here - Diamond Dust.

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