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Name: pluto
Subject: RE: The Creation and Ronnie Wood
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018
Time: 11:40:28 AM
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RE: The Creation and Ronnie Wood

By mentioning the 'Mark Four' you got me started on a rummage Shattered. So far I've unearthed one of their 'singles' that I own, 1965's 'Hurt Me If You Will/ I'm Leaving'. I was sure I had at least one more single by them, but can't find it.

Yeah the 'Mark Four' morphed into the 'Creation' whom Ronnie did have a stint with (Ronnie's brill,the people he's played one should ever underestimate Ronnie Wood), and I'm sure one of them joined the Kinks for a while.

Talking about Ronnie and the 'Birds', I have their '65 single 'No Good Without You/ How Can it Be' somewhere, the singer Ali McKenzie signed it for me a couple of years ago when I caught one of his gigs when he was being backed by the 'Small Fakers'. The 'b' side 'How Can It Be' I think was the first ever song penned by Ronnie, he re-worked it in 2015.

Ok so who have we got, ah yes, the 'Eyes', that's a good track you posted a link to Shattered '65. There is plenty of their stuff on you tube, and to bring things back a bit to what we were on about, check out some of their '66 releases, 'The Immediate Pleasure' or 'When the Night Falls/ My Degeneration' for example.

A friend was saying to me recently that '65 and not '66 was the pivotal year as far as freakbeat/garage's journey to psychedelia is concerned, and she has a good shout there. As evidence, listen to the other band I mentioned, the 'Poets', and their '65 release 'That's The Way It's Got To Be'. The 'Poets' were a local band for me (they were under the wing of the Loogster for a while), and I saw them in the Dennistoun Palais I think it was. That was a haunt of the young Lulu, but I don't remember ever getting a dance with her.

The thing about some of the bands we've been talking about is, they never had any huge hits, and didn't have a huge output. A lot of them were bigger on the Continent than they were here at the time, and I think that's possibly true of the 'Creation', and other Brit bands like the 'Koobas' from Liverpool. A lot of these Brit bands were regulars on German tv shows like 'Beat Club' and 'Beat Beat Beat'. It was only in later years that I became much more familiar with them.

I suppose the equivalent in the U.S. being so large and diverse, would be regional hits. Things like the 'Count Five' '66 release 'Psychotic Reaction', and the 'Nightcrawlers' ('65 or '66, can't remember) release 'The Little Black Egg' were not widely know until much later I think.

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