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Name: Shattered
Subject: The Creation and Ronnie Wood
Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Time: 4:01:35 PM
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The Creation and Ronnie Wood

Pluto mentioned just above a group hardly known in America, The Creation 1966-68 [originally known as The Mark Four 1963-66] were a highly influential band. Paul Weller, Pete Townsend, The Sex Pistols, and Jimmy Page among others cited them as inspirations. In fact, Page imitated guitarist Eddie Phillips’ use of the violin bow, who is believed to be the first to use that method. They have a lot of damn good songs!!

The group broke up in February 1968, but because of demand, bassist Kim Garner (not the original bass player) reformed the group, and brought it fellow bandmate from The Birds days RONNIE WOOD!

But Ronnie was in the group only a little while because the band splintered. He was there to record three singles:

a href= target=_blank>Midway Down, <--- It's really really good. 😊 It is.

a href= target=_blank>Bony Moronie, and

a href= target=_blank>For All That I Am <----damn good! 👌 Damn damn good.

You were in this group in 1968 Ronnie! 😃

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