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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: revolver or rubber soul...nsc
Date: Thursday, May 03, 2018
Time: 11:08:44 AM
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RE: revolver or rubber soul...nsc

Yes, cool read, but no way can I agree with this: Norwegian Wood or Eleanor Rigby?.. ...Johnís vague violent song about burning a lovers apartment or Paulís ode to the lonely people....Paul

How is John's beautiful song about an affair he had - violent? Plus George's sitar makes that song one of the greatest and most important Beatles songs ever made - period! The Stones would had never had PIB made with the sitar had it not been because of George and his playing his sitar on NW, which is why BJ played one on PIB. But the "violent" part really gets me. Just because so many get that one lyric wrong at the very end, doesn't mean he wanted to burn down the bird's house. Paul Mccartney already noted that. I'm pretty sure he was talking about starting a fire in the chick's fireplace, and no more. Why would he want to burn down this person's house, and for no reason at all? Plus it's a true song that John wrote about a affair he had and which actually happened. John never burned down anybody's house in real life, never. There's nothing violent written in the entire song, so why do some think that? It's a cool, nice song that tells a cool story, and nothing more.

As far as the 2 LPs, I always thought I liked RS better, but in my album ratings, I rated Revolver higher.

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