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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: revolver or rubber: neither!
Date: Thursday, May 03, 2018
Time: 2:20:18 PM
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revolver or rubber: neither!

If it ain't no crime to have different opinions, then please let me bring the rest of '65 and '66 into focus: The Beatles and Stones were hardly the only things out there. There was so much else going on!! (Just look at Nuggets!) Paul Butterfield especially, but also Dylan, the Kinks, Them, The Animals, The Byrds and the Yardbirds---not to mention the Beach much else is forgotten in the overwhelming wake of the god-damn Beatles (and Stones)...the collective legacy of so many of those "other" bands has gotten squashed, suppressed, and left behind due to the undue, unfair and overrated praise of both the Beatles and Stones.

If you're a lurker then you know this place well enough; but it also means that by god you also owe it to yourself to pay attention to this random lunatic here (me), and to pay your dues to look into the rest of music history as it actually existed int he 60s, and not just as it is remembered at places like this 50-60 years later. Do it now! I'm not the only one online who thinks like this.

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