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Name: Naker2005
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: revolver or rubber soul...nsc
Date: Wednesday, May 02, 2018
Time: 8:17:00 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: revolver or rubber soul...nsc

Rubber Soul or Revolver?

Both 14 songs

Drive My Car or Taxman?

....Both great openers, Taxman..the count in, the smearing lyrics, Paulís blistering solo


Norwegian Wood or Eleanor Rigby?

...Johnís vague violent song about burning a lovers apartment or Paulís ode to the lonely people....Paul

You Wonít See Me or Iím Only Sleeping

...You Wonít See Me...hands down

Nowhere Man or Love You To

...Nowhere Man

Think For Yourself or Here, There And Everywhere

...push...personally both are equally skipable

The Word or Yellow Submarine

...the funky bass line with the pop music message of love or one of the most infectious song along songs?

Yellow Submarine

Michelle or She Said She Said

Paulís French ballad or Peter Fondaís inspired John tune?

She Said She Said

What Goes On or Good Day Sunshine

...Good Day Sunshine

Girl or And Your Bird Can Sing

Girl...for the sneaky background vocals

Iím Looking Through Your or For No One

Paulís song about fake friends or his song about loss?

...Iím Looking Through You

In My Life or Doctor Robert

One song holds up even today...and it isnít about the good doctor.

Wait or I Want to Tell You

...I Want to Tell You

If I Needed Someone or Got To Get You Into My Life

...push, both are great

Run For Your Life or Tomorrow Never Knows

An oddly catchy tune about violently threatening a lover (what exactly was Johnís problem?) or his Tibetan Book of the Dead acid trip set to music?

...Tomorrow Never Knows

Revolver on songs

....Both albums have excellent covers...

Rubber Soul with its altered reality...soul like view

Revolver with that iconic drawing and

Revolver on the cover

Rubber soul seems to be the more coehsive work, the songs flow together more smoothly; however Revolver has better songs in my humble opinion.

Revolver for me, by a nose

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