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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Several replies in one
Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Time: 11:39:43 AM
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RE: RE: Several replies in one

Damn, on the current versions of both Chrome and Firefox the dot shows for me, so it could be only one other thing causing this on your computer.

Programing on your computer could also stop the dots from showing, since the dots work with cookies that are sent to your computer/browser from this domain. If you have your cookies turned off (not a smart thing to ever do, other than on sone domains that steal info from you), then the dot won't show either. So look to see if your settings for accepting cookies is causing this to happen. BTW these aren't the kind of cookies that track you (well, not in a malicious way, they do let you know what you voted for, so that's a kind of tracking, but that's all they do), they are totally harmless and should be accepted. You can find this out using Chrome by clicking on in the address bar, where it says "not secure", it will tell you if you are using and accepting cookies on your Chrome browser (BTW, you can accept cookies from this domain only if you program your browser to do this).

Also, everybody sees that "not secure" notice even if the wording really is nothing but a lie for this domain, as is secure enough for the forms we use. If I was asking for a credit card number, then yes, at the moment the domain isn't secure for that, but I don't ever ask for such info. But anyway, when the new board is ready, the entire domain will then be secured and on what is known as "SSL" at that time, and the main urls will change and show up as "https" instead of "http". You would still have the option to use only "http" if you prefer for the first few weeks until you reset your bookmarks, but in time all of that will end, as everything is being updated on the domain. There's actually a lot more going on here at the domain that I've talked about and part of the reason for the holdups. But still, the new board should have been up and working 3 weeks ago. That's the fault of one person who wasn't doing his job while lying to me that he was.

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