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Name: Keno
Subject: Metamorphosis/GHS/B&B/Harmony singers/Pie songs/+
Date: Monday, March 12, 2018
Time: 12:05:57 AM
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Metamorphosis/GHS/B&B/Harmony singers/Pie songs/+

It’s time to talk about our 5 new weekly polls that we will run on the domain this week, starting off with the Stones poll, where we enter week 972 of polling, and as usual we will vote on 2 brand new poll questions. So this week’s first Stones question asks this: Of the 8 true Stones songs that appear on Metamorphosis, which is the most underrated song on there?

I noted here last week by mistake that last week would be the last week of asking this question for the most underrated song off each studio LP, but forgot that we still got the grand question to ask, where all the songs chosen on each LP will go up against each other, plus for the first time since running album questions, I decide for this week, to include the Metamorphosis album along with the other studio LPs… Well, kinda.

Why have I never include the Metamorphosis LP?.... Well since half of the 16 songs on the album aren't songs that the Stones recorded, that’s why. Basically, all of side 1, other than "Don't Lie to Me", only features Mick Jagger on vocals, along with session musicians playing with him. These songs were put together as demos for other artists to record, and in all cases were recorded by other artists, often using the same music heard on Meta, including the demo versions on this LP of both "Out of Time", and "Heart of Stone", which again, only MJ is on these songs for this LP.

When the LP first came out, it was claimed that Keith Richards also appeared on half of the tracks on side one, too, and Rolling Stone claimed that Brian Jones played steel guitar on "Heart of Stone", but we learned later on that the truth of the matter was that Keith only appears on (maybe) "I'd Much Rather Be with the Boys", and more than likely that’s Jimmy Page on "Heart of Stone" and not BJ. So these songs that are clearly not Stones songs, and released by Allen Klein against the Stones wishers, was nothing but a money grab by Klein. So for this poll, we'll skip over those songs (kinda like what us Stones fans do on the rare occasions when we play this LP).

Yet the truth of the matter is, the 8 true Stones songs on here are actually pretty good, and they are officially released songs, so why should they be skipped over all of the time in our polls? Well no more will they, and if this poll question gets a good enough response, just maybe on those other polls we ran in the past, where I skipped over this album, I will finally run and ask about these 8 songs only, since it's never too late to ask these questions (well, not until we hit week 1000 anyway, then it will be). Just why did it take 19 years for me to decide to do this, is the real question.

Metamorphosis is the second Stones album that featured both Mick Taylor and Brian Jones on it, but on this one there was a bit more of them on here (than there is on Let it Bleed, the other LP), as Brian appears on 5 songs, while MT plays on 3. Two of the 3 songs that MT plays on were actually songs he wrote the music to ("Jiving Sister Fanny", and "I'm Going Down"), while MJ wrote the lyrics. Of course he wasn't credited on either song, as only the Glimmers were, per the Twins usual rule.

Guess it should be noted that on the third song that MT plays on, "I Don't Know Why", that one was also credited to the Glimmers when it was actually written by Stevie Wonder. Wonder's people sued Klein and had that changed in time. "Don't Lie to Me", was also miscredited to "Jagger/Richards", when the LP was first released, yet it was clearly a cover song, as Tampa Red had released the song as a Blues single back in 1940, before the Glimmers were even born. Written by Hudson Whittaker (aka Tampa Red), he was credited on later album pressings without any legal actions taken.

To see the song list for the songs on Metamorphosis, click here: Meta. But remember, we are only voting on 8 of the songs list.

To cast your vote in this first poll, just click on: Stones Weekly Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 1” to vote on this question.

The second Stones poll is where we run the Stones album VS matchups, and this week we ask this question: Goats Head Soup vs Black and Blue, which album do you like the best?


This week it's time for another serving of tasty soup, as The Soup Polls returns featuring the 1974 release Goats Head Soup, which is going strong in this series, sporting a winning record of 12-3, good for 5th place in the standings. This round it goes up against 1976’s Black and Blue, which isn’t doing anywhere as well, with a losing record of only 3-13, way down in 20th place.

To see the song list for each album, for Goats Head Soup, click here: GHS. For Black and Blue, click on: B&B.

To cast your vote in this second Stones poll, just click on: Stones Weekly Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 2” to vote on this question.

At the first Stones poll last week we answered this question: Which is the most underrated song on the Stones Blue and Lonesome album?

All but 3 of the LPs 12 songs were in play for this one, well, for second place anyway, as one song stuck out, and to my surprise I’ll add, as that song was ”Little Rain”, which had a clear and large margin of victory. Really? Well I didn’t see that coming at all!

To see the full, final results from thus one, click on Stones Weekly Poll - week 971, poll 1. Or, you can see the top pick from this poll and the other Stones songs picked from the other albums we already voted on for this question, here: Stones Fans Picks Page 1. It’s listed about a third of the way down on the page, just before the “Songs only” lists starts.

Looking back at last week’s second Stones poll, the question was: Beggars Banquet vs Tattoo You, which album do you like the best?


As I have half noted before, we pretty much will see from now on, week after week of landslides and blowout results in these VS polls since early on in this series we matched up the best albums against each other, and today, many years later, all the great matchups have been long fought and voted on, so all that’s really left are the leftover matchups between one great LP and one very weak one. It’s happening again this week and did last week, when Beggars Banquet beat the crap out of TY. To see by how much it actually won by just click here:Stones Weekly Poll - week 971, poll 2. Plus, I’ll add the results from this poll to the standings at the Stones VS Page 1, where at the top of the page you can check out the updated standings on how each album has done in these long running VS polls.

Over at the Classic Rock Poll we enter poll week 612, and just like as we do at the Stones poll, we vote in 2 poll questions a week in this one too. The first poll’s question this week asks this: Which rock band, singing group, or dual had/has the best vocal harmony singers (Part 3 of 4)

Week 3 of looking at bands and voting on the ones we feel had or has the best harmonizers in them. We have another 21 bands listed this week to choose from in Part 3, To vote in this poll and make your pick, just click here: Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 1” to vote on this question.

At the second Rock poll this week, known better as the Rock VS poll, we will vote on this new question: " I'm a Man” by Bo Diddley vs “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy, which song praising each sex, is better?


We’ve been running poll questions for the last few weeks about answer songs, but for this week's poll, Helen Reddy's 1971 song "I am Woman", may not be an true answer song to Bo Diddley's 1944 number "I'm a Man", but it is an answer song to men in general, sprung from the Woman's Lib moment that was happening back in those days. So yes, a way to exit the answer songs polls to set us up for a totally different poll question next week.

But for now, it’s time to vote for your favorite of the 2 songs listed this week, so just click on Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 2” to vote on this question.

Looking back at last week’s first Rock poll, we answered this question: Which rock band, singing group, or dual had/has the best vocal harmony singers (Part 2 of 4)

Simon & Garfunkel blew the rest away, but as I noted often enough with these multiple part polls, for this poll, only the top 7 finishers are what matter, and besides Simon & Garfunkel, the other artists to live on to the final round are: Peter, Paul, & Mary, The Eagles, The Temptations, The Rolling Stones, Three Dog Night, The Association, and The Hollies.

To see the full, final results from this poll, just click here: Classic Rock Poll 1, week 611.

In last week’s VS Rock poll, we answered this question: " Mannish Boy" by Muddy Waters vs "I'm A Man" by Bo Diddley. Which of these 2 songs that praise manhood, is the best?


Another poll and another landslide win, this time for Mr Waters. To see the full results, click here: Rock Poll 2, week 611. You can also check out the final results at the VS Classic poll results page at the Classic Rock site, by clicking here: VS poll page 3, list page 15.

We close out this poll post as usual with the Beatles poll, where we enter week 365, and ask this brand new question: “Honey Pie” vs “Wild Honey Pie”. Which of these 2 Beatle songs w/ almost identical titles from The White Album, is better?

Two songs from the Beatles White Album, with both written by Paul, and with almost the same titles, yet the 2 songs are very different indeed.

"Honey Pie" sounds like an old time song recorded in the 1930s or the '40s, a short ballad that you swear you might have first heard in some old movie, while "Wild Honey Pie" is much - well, wilder, and actually a rare dirty Beatle song about, well, you know what’s it’s about.

On "Honey Pie", John plays both the lead and rhythm guitars, while George plays bass and Paul is on piano and sax, Ringo is as usual on the drums.

For "Wild Honey Pie", Paul plays all of the instruments alone, as if it's a solo song for him. The other Beatles hated when he would do this, but Paul is Paul, so he got away with it anyway.

Now another thing I’ve talked about a lot is how sometimes is almost impossible to find the Beatles music or videos on YouTube to link to, and these 2 songs aren't up there at all, other than covers, but after looking long and hard I did find vids for both of them elsewhere. But one is real stupid, showing 2 fat guys dancing. But just remember, we are rating the music only for this poll, and what's in the videos have nothing to do with the voting, they are just in the polling booth so you can hear the songs before you vote.

To vote in this poll, please go here: Beatles Weekly Poll.

In last week's Beatles poll we asked: ”Please Please Me” vs “Love Me Do”, which of the first 2 Beatle UK singles is better?


Somewhat close voting, but then again, not really, as ”Please Please Me” lead for the entire week… You can see the results from this poll, here: Beatles Weekly Poll – week 364. Or, you can check out the final results at: The Beatles VS page, which is located at the domain’s Lennon Site.

So I hope these 5 new polls will grab you enough to get you to vote. Now on to new board news. I know some of you are wondering what’s up… …. And all of us are still waiting on when the new and long overdue board will be ready. Well I hate to say that I have no idea, but I don’t. The people working on it presented me once again with what they claimed to be the almost finished board last Wednesday, and I can only say this guy who was mainly working on it, just doesn’t listen to anything the customer (me) tells him, then in turn he lies to said customer (several times), and I have a major problem with such people. What he wanted me to accept was so bad and awful, I told him that I rather just keep what I got, that’s how bad he set this board up. To make a long story short, I had him removed from working on the board and told my host to never again place him on anything connected to my domain again. So now they got to start over again for the third time, and I have no clue who they will put in charge of this. But you know the old saying, you get what you pay for, and I’m pretty much paying half of what it should cost to have a new board built, so in return, I get this mess. It just shouldn’t take this long to make a new board. When the present version of Gasland was built back in 2000, my friend Tee, with my assistance, had the new board built in about 10 hours, tops! This new board is now as of today, 3 weeks late! Meanwhile about a quarter of the posts we make aren’t showing up, which leads to fewer posts of course for all to read. But there really isn’t too much I can do, as it is, since pretty much nobody out there wishes to build a new web board from scratch these days, believe me, I checked with many different places. So I can only say I’m trying to get this taken care of, but I bet it’s gonna be another 2 weeks at least till we see a new board that actually works.

As usual, I thank all of you for voting in our polls each week!


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