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Name: Shattered
Subject: Weekly polls
Date: Monday, March 12, 2018
Time: 9:30:48 PM
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Weekly polls

Stones poll #1 == although "I Don't Know Why" remains in my top-5 RS favorites, it was a single in 1975 and peaked at #42, so I can't say that's the most underrated. I went with "Jiving Sister Fanny". Funny thing about JSF -- two singles were released from that album (the Stones had no say in that) and the second single was "Out of Time". The flip-side was JSF. In the bar we hung out in, OOT was in the jukebox and let me tell ya, that flip-side "JSF" got a whole lot of play!!! 😁😁

Stones poll #2 == GHS got the vote, but it was a tough question.

Over at the CRWP #1, it was tough deciding best harmony singers. I almost went with The Bee Gees because they're outstanding at that. They're brothers after all and have been singing together since they were kids! But my vote finally went to The Four Seasons.

Helen Reddy got my vote on the 2nd CRWP. I love BD but "I Am Woman" is very well written, just a great great song!

Finally the Beatles-- I dislike both songs so I haven't voted yet.

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