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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Several replies in one
Date: Monday, March 12, 2018
Time: 12:13:31 PM
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RE: Several replies in one

Manny wrote:

Well honey pie and wild honey pie are about as low as we can get from brilliant guys like the beatles.

I disagree, I loved Paul's "Wild Honey Pie", other than the fact that he played it alone. "Honey Pie" wasn't as good to my ears, just average at best, but I always hated songs from the '30s and '40s, too.

I voted for bo diddelys cool song,and this one is not one of my anne murray favorites

Not Ann Murray, but Helen Reddy, LOL! They did sound a lot alike come to think of it, I used to think it was Reddy singing "Snowbird", but that one was Murray. Plus they even looked a lot alike, with the same haircuts. I also think they were both from Canada.

cool cool hand wrote:

my pick was one of my all time favourite Stones songs - Family

Well, since you asked, I always hated the song, to me it was the worst thing on the Meta LP. But in fairness it did have some intresting lyrics to it, real Stones like lyrics, but I flat out hated how Mick sang it. He was all over the place on there and sounded like he had no clue how he really wanted to sing the song, as he really sounds disoriented in how he sounded. But, this wasn't supposed to be a completed and released song, either. I bet if they had continued working on it, it would have turned out better. But it's funny, when I was listening to these 8 songs off the LP the other day, I rated each one for the first time, and gave it only a 5.7, the lowest rating I gave to any of the 8 songs. But hey, it's cool to see that you and a few others do dig it, as it got some votes.

Bluesboy asked:

I sometimes forget who/what I voted for by the time (next week) rolls around. I always liked the dot by my vote. Can you get that put back in?

It's still there and I'm sure some are wondering what you mean. It just depends on what browser you use and what version of the browser you have. In other words, as an example, you and I both can have Firefox and vote using it, the dot may show on my version (well it does) and yet not on yours! For me at the moment, on all of my browsers - and I got almost all of them, the dot shows, other than it doesn't show on Opera. That is funny because I only use Opera on Sunday nights when I write up the poll post. But all of the other browsers I have the dot shows up on. Yet that only started to happen in the last 2 months or so, as the dot wasn't showing for ages on my version of Firefox, then it fixed itself one day and now does. Same deal used to apply to the main browser that I use, Chrome; it didn't show for awhile a few years ago on there, but I actually fixed that one myself in the poll's admin, and for a few years now no problem with that one since.

Part of this problem is because of the old ASP programing that the board and polls run on. If the browser's are updated, which they are often enough, they could change one simple thing in one line of programing that triggers this to happen, and that's why one browser will stop showing the dot for a while and then a few months later the dot is back.

But the good news is that this problem will be gone soon, since the contract I signed for a new board, also will bring us new polls, too. There will be no more ASP programing anywhere on the domain when this work is all done, and the new polls shouldn't take anywhere as long to work on as the board is taking. So if the board can be finished in say 2 weeks time, then the polls would be up next. It is something that the polls, which are older - well, program wise they are older than the current board's program is, yet they have the least number of problems. Really, the only one that voters can see are in this dot thing not working for all, but I believe it is working for most. Perhaps I should run a poll and see how many of you can't see the dot, LOL!

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