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Name: Kenny Ballson
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Brian's leaving the group
Date: Friday, January 12, 2018
Time: 4:14:52 AM
Remote Address:
Message ID: 313485
Parent ID: 313473
Thread ID: 313463

RE: RE: RE: RE: Brian's leaving the group

Keno here Gassers.... I just had to edited out this post (but I saved it too) since there is no "Kenny Ballson" signed up to post here. People posting here who never signed up to post, will no longer have a voice here until they do, that, or they need to only post using the handle that they signed up under. So to whoever wrote this post (which wasn't spam but contained falsehoods that can be proven 100% wrong), this person needs to write me an email (that's you Kenny, or whoever you really are), and show me what name you actually signed up under. If you are a real Gasser and not the banned flamer, I'll be happy to repost your reply here word for word. But why post using a name that doesn't exist in the Gasland files, especially after the flamer just hit the board, and also, why did you post using an anonymous server that is known for hiding people's names and is a blacklisted server known for posting spam on websites (and is one of the servers that our flamer uses to post on)? Anybody can look up the ISP this person posted under and see this firsthand for themselves that this is a fact. Why do you feel a need to hide, Kenny?

So yes, before you ever post here again, first prove who you are and show me where you signed up to post, and then please only post using your approved handle - just like everybody else here does. We only have one person here who posts using different, spam related ISP servers, and who posts using fale handles, and that's our flamer who won't go away. But that will be totally stopped shortly. In the meanwhile, if your aren't he, then please use the handle you sign up under to post with.

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