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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Brian's leaving the group
Date: Thursday, January 11, 2018
Time: 1:12:50 AM
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RE: RE: RE: Brian's leaving the group

True, it is in the past, but since we never really got the entire true story on BJ's leaving, it's hard to know for sure just what went down. Bottom line was it really had nothing to do with his drug intake, hell, Keith went through the very same thing just a few years after that and wasn't kicked out by MJ (but he did lose co-control of the band for good over it).

But BJ wanted out of the band after Keith took Anita away from him, and by late '68 it was clear the end was near between him in the group. Then in February of '69 something happened in the studio, right after BJ recorded his guitar riff for HTW, which some, including his father, said was Brian's riff; he said that that BJ had played the riff to him a month earlier at his home and told him he would present it to the band. Then after he did and they used it, that was his last session with the group, and he never showed up in the studio again after that. Then in mid May he was told by Jagger to show up at a band photo shoot or he would be fired, he did show, and several great last photos with him in the band came from that shoot, including the cover for the greatest hits LP Through the Past Darkly. Then 3 weeks later that meeting took place at Brian's house and according to Charlie, Mick said 'We have to make a change in the band" to which BJ said "Yeah, I want out". He was out, but fact is, the Stones never said he was fired and that he might return to the group in time, but of course, he died just 3 weeks later.

But when you don't show up for work for 4 months, it either means you quit, or got fired, and he clearly wasn't fired in February, that, and your boss doesn't promised you a large sum of money, to be paid yearly to you, as the Stones paid BJ for as long as they stayed together as a band, either. His estate still gets that yearly check to this very day.

So yes, the Glimmers wanted him out and BJ wanted out too, it was more a done deal in that matter, he really wasn't fired, he really quit but didn't tell anybody, then was paid off to leave. My guess was that he would have been back in the fold when MT left.

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