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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: KISS (lsc)
Date: Monday, December 04, 2017
Time: 2:45:13 AM
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RE: RE: KISS (lsc)

Same reason when KISS was inducted in the RRHF they wouldn't perform with Ace or Peter.

That's the same reason perhaps, but not the same thing at all! You are talking about 2 guys who helped them get into the Hall, how dare the current members treat their former mates in such a terrible, BS way - and on a night that those 2 guys were also being honored and helped KISS achieve fame and maybe the only reason why that band got in! The only reason KISS got in was because of their giant and loyal fan base, and I'll bet the KISS fans wanted to see those guys play that night with them. That's just as bad as when Debra Harry did the very same thing to her former band members when they got in the Hall when Blondie made it. Not that they should have ever gotten into the Hall anyway, they only got in only thanks to their manager pulling strings for them, one of the poorest playing bands to ever get in, and then Harry went and did that crap to her former mates. I can't stand such people like that, totally ungrateful to those who helped them make it in the first place.

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