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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Ringo (lsc)
Date: Saturday, December 02, 2017
Time: 12:20:13 AM
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RE: Ringo (lsc)

I'm sure that Bill would never join up because of the flying thing. I believe he has only flown twice since he left the Stones in... when was it, '92?... to get to America when his band played here a few years ago, and then on his way back to the UK.

MT would fit in great with Ringo's band, that's a great idea Shattered, wonder why it never was considered.

As far as MT and the Stones, the Stones would never do that... what if MT upstaged them when he opened for them? They don't feel like they owe him anything and really don't want him around, that was clear when they did allow him to play on 2 songs per show with them on the 50th anniversary tour and won't let him play on any of his songs. One of the worst things that Mick has done not only to a former band mate, but to Stones fans, too. Anybody who saw that tour didn't really see MT with the Stones at all, it was a total joke and uncalled for by them, or I guess just Mick, as it was his decision to pull that crap!

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