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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE:Dallas Texans vs New York Titans!
Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Time: 11:34:41 AM
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RE: RE:Dallas Texans vs New York Titans!

Those were the days! Plus I'm impressed that you can remember the first time you had pizza! But for those not old enough to remember the old AFL, the Dallas Texans would move away from Texas and become the "Kansas City Chiefs", while the New York Titans change their name and become the "NY Jets", even if today they're really the Jersey Jets (and the NY Giants are really the NJ Giants).

But for those even older than I, there was yet another Dallas Texans team, who were in the NFL back in 1950 (or was it '51?) that only lasted one season there and then folded. It was the very last NFL team to fold. These Texans were the NFL New York Yanks the year before and played in Yankee Stadium, while the year before that they were called the "New York Bulldogs" and played in the Polo Grounds. To be technical here, after the one season in Dallas, they did fold, but the players were all picked up by the brand new Baltimore Colts, who of course in time moved away and became the Indianapolis Colts. Teams did a lot more moving around back before the NFL became a big time sport in the '60s.

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