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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RIP Y.A. Tittle
Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Time: 5:24:24 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RIP Y.A. Tittle

That game had to be in 1961, since the Mets started up in '62, and '61 was the first year that Tittle played for the Giants. What I can't be 100% sure about is, if it was in December, and if it was a game against Detroit. But heck, as I have noted here before, one thing I'm real good at is forgetting dates and getting past years mixed up, as I can't ever remember what year I first saw the Stones play in, and I wasn't a preteen for that, whereas, when I when to my first football game, I was just a preteen.

What I do recall was for years I kept a old program from the game that showed Y.A. Tittle on the cover, and it was for a game I saw with my dad at Yankee Stadium. But that program might not have been from that very first game I saw. It could have been from '62, or even '63 maybe? But I thought it was from my first game. I've been a pack rat since I was a boy, as far as not throwing away things that I see as being important to me. I had all of my old football and baseball game programs from games I attended in the '60s saved, and I went to a lot of games. but I can't recall when I first started to do that. I know (or thought) that my Giants program was the oldest one had I, but maybe it wasn't. I had all of the Mets yearbooks, starting with the first one put out in 1962, that one had a big fat baby on the cover of it, representing the fact that the Mets were a new team. I kept every one of those old yearbooks and programs from all the games I attended as a boy, kept then in a big box in the basement of the house I grew up in. Then when I moved to Colorado years later, I left them there in the basement for safekeeping until I would get back there to moved them out west with me. Well, I thought they were safe there, hidden away in the basement where nobody would get at them. But when my parents sold the old house a couple of years later, mom when and threw away all of my old stored stuff about a week before I asked her to send me all of that old stuff. I was heartbroken when she told me that; but she didn't realize what that stuff was, and some of it was worth money, like my old baseball card collection from the 1960s that were also stored in there, for sure they were worth money. But so goes life!

Anyway, the other question on this game was, was it even played in December? It could have been played in November. All I recall was it was very cold day and it started to snow, and from my memory, it doesn't snow a lot in November in NYC, usually winter weather happens there in December. But then again, it can snow there in November too, so it might have been a game played a month earlier. But then again, yes, it might have been that Dec 3 game against the Packers that was my first game. I can only remember these things about that first game: I recall exactly where we sat; it was cold as hell and it then snowed; at halftime the players came off the field and walked right by us as they made their exit thru where behind home plate was, and I put out my hand and two of players gave me a slap back (which seemed so cool to me!); I can recall dad telling me that day about the new baseball team coming to town and that we would go to a game across the street at the other stadium; and I recall the Giants winning the game. So I actually recall a lot from that first game, and for sure I saw the Giants play the Lions, but that game might have been a year or 2 later on. I'm just glad my dad took me to all those games as a boy. Plus I wish I could remember going to my very first baseball game at Ebbets Field in the mid '50s, how many people alive today can remember that place and the Brooklyn Dodgers back when they actually existed? Well I was there - yet I can't remember any of it, and it sure wasn't because I was smoking too much weed back then, as the only thing I was addicted to and overusing back in the '50s was milk. Gosh, milk is really a bad thing to drink everyday and get hooked on, as it leads to so many other bad things as you get older, like sugar cookies, and well, you all know how one thing leads to another, and it starts with milk consumption as a baby! But that's a thread for another day.

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