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Name: Fatmo
Subject: if Mick Taylor were with them on this
Date: Friday, May 12, 2017
Time: 3:04:37 AM
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if Mick Taylor were with them on this

I think the Stones protect their brand and they think it might create confusion to have these ex guys around all the time. As a touring group the Stones are still one of the biggest draws and they probably think it would create confusion in the minds of the average concert goers (not aging war horses like us) to have MT and BW jumping around all the time onstage. BW was a real Stone, but MT was always a bit distant and "superior". Having worked in the music industry a bit I know his type. He is extraordinarily good as a player but looks to others for the initial creative spark. His contribution on some songs during his tenure might have amounted to some writing credits, but if so he was probably inspired by Mick--because he isn't really much of a songwriter. In his youth he was quite good looking but he also has little charisma. He nev er really looked like a Stone and had a "hired gun" feel about him. He has criticized the Stones quite a lot over the years. They had a "garage band" vibe and he couldn't believe how sloppy Keith was. Yeah, but these were the Stones who already had a great back catalog even before he joined. Finally he walked away in a huff in anticipation of a super career that never happened.

So I think the glimmers have it about right. He may not have gotten all his financial dues, but being a Stone was the highlight of his career--and he just walked away for bigger and better things.

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