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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: : if Mick Taylor were with them on this one
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time: 12:46:15 PM
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RE: : if Mick Taylor were with them on this one

They don't owe then anything other than song writing credits and the payment for writing those songs from years ago, but other than that, no, nothing is owed and I don't believe anybody said they were owned anything - other than again, said writing credits (along with BJ, too). MT quit the band out of the blue, and Bill got old and retired since he didn't wish to travel anymore.

But with that noted, the Stones were never looked at as a nostalgia band, and everybody knew they were for real. Letting MT play his great guitar solo on CYHMK would have been a highlight each night instead having him sit backstage as Ronnie tried to play his part on the song - or on other songs that MT alone made great. Ronnie is a great guy - no question - but he ain't no guitar player like MT is.

But again, it was an insult to us fans to say 'yes, we got MT playing on this tour, so come out and see us' and then only let him play on just 2 songs per night - and be it songs that he didn't even record with the band. False advertising at the least, but a big, missed opportunity indeed for everybody. Plus don't forget the one show in London that Bill did play with them at. They could - AND SHOULD HAVE - had all six of them up on stage at the same time for at least half the night - how cool would have that been? But no, instead, first they let MT play on a couple of songs while Bill sat backstage, then they had Bill come out and play on another 2 songs while MT was sent backstage. That was flat out stupid, period! Mick must have been doing some real bad drugs the day he came up with that idea, since it was said that it was he who decided on that BS.

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