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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: if Mick Taylor were with them on this one
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time: 12:39:06 AM
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RE: if Mick Taylor were with them on this one

If they didn't let him play on the songs he recorded with them on their 50th anniversary tour, and only allowed him to play on 2 songs that he didn't even record with them instead, which was one of the stupidest things they ever decided on - period, then they sure as crap won't allow it now.

Deep down the Glimmers don't care what the Stones fans want, and they proved than 5 years ago on how they handled MT on that tour. They were going to do the same thing with Bill, and Bill said he wanted to play with them on that tour, but said he didn't because they only offered him 2 songs a night, too. That was not only insulting to Bill and MT, but to us fans, too. Bill was the only smart one back then, as he told them that there was no way he would do that, while MT was a fool to agree to what they offered him. He was as foolish to do that as the Glimmers were rude and mean spirited to even suggest such a ridiculous offer in the first place to him and Bill.

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