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Name: gomper
Subject: RE: : if Mick Taylor were with them on this one
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time: 7:49:19 AM
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RE: : if Mick Taylor were with them on this one

I do agree that Ronnie could play the guitar solo on TWFN. Ronnie is no Mick Taylor or Eric Clapton, but he can be very, very good and has proved this many times. But Taylor doing it would be pretty awesome. However, like Keno said, the Glimmer Twins seem to tightly control these things. In some ways I get it. Taylor left the band of his on accord, and so did Wyman. In Taylor's case he may have had some pressures, but Wyman just up and left. So neither have rights to anything with regard to these matters. But still, a unified Stones with Taylor and Wyman playing a few songs in what is likely one of the final few tours of the band would be pretty glorious. I doubt it happens, but we can dream. If there's a will to do it somewhere in Mick Jagger's heart, and if MT and BW are up for it, then do it now. Like the song says, time waits for no one...

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