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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Flamers
Date: Friday, April 14, 2017
Time: 3:21:31 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Flamers

Do you remember Demon Life?

I try to forget such people, but yes, deep down you got to remember them to protect the board from them hitting again. But he was just your "normal" kind of flamer who just couldn't control himself and went after whoever he felt was going after him. This other guy just gets his rocks off flaming people for no reason whatsoever. In 18 years I've only seen one other person like this other guy here, a guy who was actually worst, who spammed and flamed every Stones board that was around in the early days of web boards. He was so bad that he got the official and very first Stones board to close down (Stonesworld), the board that this board was made up after and replaced. He actually got several boards to close and of course he tried to do so here back in the days when there was no password system in place and no way to ban such a person. That guy was totally off the wall; he posted child porn on one of the first Stones boards where you could post photos (back around late '98 or so), then all of a sudden around mid '99 he was totally gone from the net. I believe he may have been arrested for what he did posting that crap at that one board, as that's something you do get busted for and he was stupid enough to think that he would get away with that. Yet he never went personally after me, just others here, his goal was to close down every Stones board that he could. He is why the first 2 months of posts from Dec '98 and Jan '99 are all gone here, as he figured out how to get thru to that old board's admin, since it was the very same setup and board as the official Stones board, where he did the same thing, and he deleted all of our early posts. Back in those very early days of web boards, security wasn't that big with messages board, since nobody really thought about it until jerks like him came around. So I had to get some work done on that board which made it impossible for him to hit it again, and it worked. Then around a month later he was totally gone from the net, never to be seen again by anybody. you're getting it tight from this person, and for why?

I believe he hates my point of view on things and the fact that we are all very liberal here. He had stated many tines that he hates hippies, he hates John Lennon, he hates the Beatles, and clearly he hates most of his fellow Stones fans (and he once again stated all of that again in one of his flame posts here last week). How and why a person can be so full of hate is beyond me, but we all know it happens everyday in the real world, so of course it happens online even more. Some just don't realise how easy it is to trace another these days, especially online. But getting their ISP to turn over their records is another thing. It doesn't happen without a police report and police and court requests for said records, since ISPs are afraid of being sued. But as long as you have the proof, you will get the court order and no ISP (at least in the U.S.) can refuse to obey such an order.

Now I don't personally think anyone is going to pursue you with all that legal stuff just because you aimed some, shall we say blunt and somewhat flowery language, in their direction from here... However let's assume for a minute that I turn out to be right, and nothing on the legal/law front transpires, where does that leave you now? Embarrassed, that's where, and that's all, embarrassed.

I'm not even sure what you're saying there? But embarrassed? Why would I feel embarrassed in anyway over what he did? He's the one who would be embarrassed once arrested for what he did - that is, if he isn't totally mentally ill. But I and the board were attacked and harassed by this crazy person for nothing at all, so how does being embarrassed fit in there for me? Harassed, yes, no question about it, but in no way embarrassed. One can't be embarrassed over such actions, but you can be hurt and that's many times worst than being embarrassed, but not the same thing.

So what if it wasn't him, where does that leave you?

That would mean it would leave me with knowing who really did it, which would be a totally a good thing for me. Plus, what I noted about that guy was 100% true on what her did in the past, since I know and have proof of his actions from several years ago, so I didn't say anything that wasn't so about him, he is what I called him even if only from his past actions, which he never asked any forgiveness for. But what are the odds it's somebody else from that very same area using the very same ISP, who's posted flames here in the exact same way they were posted years ago on the same servers in the very same area, and worded in the exact same way as his emails from back then? What, is Pittsburgh just full of Lennon and hippie hatters who just target this board only and in the very same way? Not likely. Plus the chances are that he has done this at other places, too. But that isn't my concern, only what he does here at Gasland is. But now that he was exposed to his ISP, you can bet that they are watching his every move right now, since even if they won't release anything without a court order, you can bet they will protect themselves and keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't do this to others, since in time they can be sued for allowing him to do that. So you can bet he's being watched by them right now, and they will take whatever action against him they need to take if they catch him doing it - if only to protect themselves. But if they do catch him in the act, nobody but they and he, will know about it, again, since they don't want to be sued by the people who he's messing with.

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