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Name: pluto
Subject: RE: RE: Flamers
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time: 6:54:49 AM
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RE: RE: Flamers

Like you Fatmo at first I thought it was Keno because it started out on the subject of the clock's going back or forward or whatever, and I seem to recall Keno having strong views on that(I don't, back or forward, I don't even notice). It was after that point that I realised it wasn't Keno because unlike yourself I did not think it was an intelligent post. Keno and myself may have had our little differences in the past, but one thing I would have to concede is, his replies to me were always articulate, and completely coherent...everything in fact I thought the bogus post wasn't, what with it's nonsense about revenge etc.

Of course I quickly noticed that the poster was using the name 'Kemo', and not Keno, so I made a lighthearted reply post saying, "you sound as if you need therapy Kemo', something like that. That was my first response, to introduce a bit of levity. Of course thinking about it, and keeping in mind Keno's original post down below, it's not really something I or anybody should be having a laugh about.

The post we are talking about here, in and of itself, was not a particularly nasty post, but it would seem as if it is part of a campaign of targeting someone, in this case, Keno. Now I haven't seen any of the other posts here that Keno mentions, and of course I haven't seen the emails he has, but from Keno's account they all seem to add up to a campaign of harassment. Indeed from what Keno says it would look very much like the law has been broken.

While I agree completely that it is wise to let the police be aware when you are a victim of such nastiness, I would just add a note of caution Keno. Keep to the front of your mind who you are dealing with when you involve the 'law' and all it's agencies......the 'pigs', the 'man'.

You like myself are of that generation who had a monumental struggle with authority, we know how they operate. You will know like me that the victim on many occasions ended up on the receiving end of the 'man's twisted idea of justice. So I would just say be careful that that doesn't happen. It would be a dreadful irony if you the victim ended up as the accused.....but you know what they're like man.

Before I go on to say what I'm going to say next, can I just let it be known that I totally agree with your decision to remove any offending posts. I know in the past that I have voiced my disagreement, my disapproval even, when posts have been taken down. However as far as Gasland goes, I have done a complete U turn on that, a complete flip flop. My reason for doing so is quite simple. Nobody should have the right to distress someone here just because they take it up their humph to do so. You have made it clear that the sort of posting that has been happening is causing you some distress, caused your heart to miss a beat....that is not on, or at least it shouldn't be. Even if all the offending posts were as innocuous as the one that prompted the current discussion, the cumulative effect if not nipped in the bud, would be unsettling. You would be left wondering why you were being targeted, how bad will it all get, where will it all end? etc.. With that in mind I would like your opinion on something Keno.

I know you have said in the past you will not debate with me, and I accept that. I wish it wasn't that way, but maybe it's for the best. However what I'm asking here is not to debate, but just to get your opinion as Webmaster on something.

Unfortunately as I've said, I don't get the chance to come around much these days, and if you read the the 'Neil Diamond' thread you might have an inkling as to why that is the case. Before this month I think February was the last time I made a brief appearance.

On the first of this month I woke up (with a bit of a hangover), and came to Gasland to view manny's obituary column to check if I had passed away during the night. On getting here I was confronted with a blank page, realised it was April Fool's day, so I posted a little joke (it was not very funny, I hold my hands up to that, but I was hungover, and it was the first thing that came in to my head). Anyway, next thing I know someone starts to make posts in reply that must have left anyone reading them scratching their head and asking "What is that all about"?.....and it would be a good question.....what indeed?

Thinking back, this type of reply post started in February, and although there was nothing of a flame nature then, the replies were a bit strange, but to be fair so was my initial post. However this month the same person (male/female?) has started to follow me about, and up the ante. Whereas the replies started out just a bit vague, a darker tone seems to be creeping in i.e. if I'm reading them correctly they seem to be suggesting that I am insincere when I apologise, and that maybe I like to tell lies(?)

I don't know if you have read any of these posts Keno, they are down near the bottom of this month's lot, the first couple of threads. If you haven't read them I should be obliged if you would. I'm not asking you to remove anything or anything like that, just to read them, and give me an opinion.

I'm not overly upset by these posts, and I haven't overtly replied to them or anything. I am in agreement with your new ruling on flames, mini flames, harassment etc etc,even if it does mean a quieter board as far as posters go. I certainly will not be drawn into any exchange with the person (who seems to want me to be drawn in) who is placing these posts. What I am really asking is for yourself Keno to give me some benchmark guidance on what is allowed, as these posts I am talking about seem to contravene what you have established as a rule, and the way people should behave.

Like I say, I'm not too bothered by what has gone down so far, but left unchallenged where does it go next.....'pluto wears his underpants inside out' or 'pluto tucks his shirt into his underpants'......then it ends up with death threats to your family, and viable explosive devices being sent by the mail to your home.....o.k. yes, I am giving both ends of an extreme there, but the point I'm making is, if left unchallenged people who make such posts become emboldened. Just as you have rightly taken a stance against someone who is targeting you, I would like to think you will have a look at the posts of someone who appears to be targeting me, and take appropriate action if you feel it is necessary. I'm asking you to do this because if you don't I fear an escalation. If you read what is there and feel it doesn't warrant any action by yourself, then that is fine, I'll (All of us) have a benchmark for what is allowed. I hope when considering, you will notice that I have made no reference at all to the person involved, had no exchange with them at all, didn't do anything to invite such posts as they made.

Sorry(sincerely) to everyone for going on a bit.

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