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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Flamers
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time: 1:49:51 PM
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RE: RE: RE: Flamers

Wow, Pluto, a lot to reply to in there, but let me try....

Like you Fatmo at first I thought it was Keno because it started out on the subject of the clock's going back or forward or whatever, and I seem to recall Keno having strong views on that

That was the post where the very last flame made by a Gasser showed up in. It was posted in early March of '16 and was caused by TM misreading something I wrote in a rely below his post, a reply that had nothing to do with him, but he read what I wrote totally wrong and thought I was flaming him when I wasn't (I don't ever do that and he should have known better). So he flamed me. His flame that day lead to the ban on all flames, including mini-flames, being allowed here ever again. So in the end his flame was a good thing.

It was after that point that I realized it wasn't Keno because unlike yourself I did not think it was an intelligent post.

There was nothing even close in that post to make one think that the person who wrote it was intelligent, nothing. It was clearly written by a sick, mean-spirited moron, plain and simple.

I quickly noticed that the poster was using the name 'Kemo', and not Keno

I didn't even notice that, I saw "Keno" only, but I barely read it, too, other than the first sentence or 2. and I also never read your reply. It was clearly an attack on me and I got rid of that trash asap.

Indeed from what Keno says it would look very much like the law has been broken.

Absolutely. It is illegal to harass anybody - even online.

While I agree completely that it is wise to let the police be aware when you are a victim of such nastiness, I would just add a note of caution..... Keep to the front of your mind who you are dealing with when you involve the 'law' and all it's agencies......the 'pigs', the 'man'.....

I appreciate your concerns, but we have no cops here in the town I live in - none. We only have a sheriff, and sheriffs are not the same as cops. Yes, their job is the same, and they look a lot like cops (other than they wear cowboy hats), but they are different, in part since they are elected by the people. But this guy is also our neighbor, lives around the street from us, and his wife and my daughter are close friends. They both used to worked together at the local bar, for about a year, and during that time my Jackie got to also know him well enough too, as he also hung out there. In most towns you don't become friendly with the local police force in a bar, but as I have noted before here, I don't live in your normal town. We are very liberal and very anti-authority here, so the one person who represents authority the most would be the town's sheriff (he's actually the county sheriff). But sheriffs serve at and by the will of the people, and most here in town like him. He totally respects the people who he serves, and totally supports all of us. That, and he personally cares about my family. I have no fear of him whatsoever and I know he would go the extra mile for me and mine. In fact in any other town or city, a report would be made on something like this and then be forgotten since it's happening on the internet. But when you are friends with the local law, they will work with you and see that the problem is solved. If Paul thinks he can keep on doing this and keep getting away with it, he is going to be very surprised when he hears a knock on his door one day and the police department is the one doing the knocking.

Nobody should have the right to distress someone here just because they take it up their humph to do so. You have made it clear that the sort of posting that has been happening is causing you some distress...

I'm pleased to hear that you have had a change of heart on this and now see the light. Today I now take all flames personally, even if they have nothing to do with me, since I run this place only so Stones fans can be friends with other Stones fans. It has been a total success in doing that throughout the many years now, but there's always going to be one or 2 assholes in the real word who make their way to the internet, and a internet board is just, in their sick minds, the place to attack people over nothing. But tracking such sick people online today is so much easier than it was 18 years ago when Gasx3 first started up. Proving who did what online is almost a simple thing today with the tools available that can be used now.

I know you have said in the past you will not debate with me, and I accept that. I wish it wasn't that way, but maybe it's for the best.

I'm a very forgiving person on most things. Yes, the 2 of us have had our problems in the past, and I said that to you since I didn't want any more problems. But you also never crossed that line with me, either, that's why you never been banned. The truth of the matter is, in 18 plus years, very few have ever been banned here. One really has to be a total jerk to get banned, and it sure isn't a badge of honor to be banned.

On the first of this month I woke up (with a bit of a hangover), and came to Gasland to view manny's obituary column to check if I had passed away during the night.

Hilarious! Of course, one has got to been reading this board for a very long time to get that! But it's just one of many things that we all love about Manny. Gasland would be lost without him.

As far as the rest of your post and your request for me to comment, I guess thanks to JF's reply to you that there's no need now for me to comment on what you wrote... other than to say that I didn't even notice anything wrong was taking place. I'm please that my fellow Coloradan just wrote you an apology, that is a sign of a good, true man indeed.... Now only if that pig who is harassing me would apologize, but that won't ever happen, since this very sick male person isn't really a man at all.

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