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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Flamers
Date: Monday, April 10, 2017
Time: 11:09:17 AM
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RE: Flamers

It seemed there were no flamers until Keno just set up the new system of getting passwords, etc.

I guess you misread what I wrote in that other post about passwords. That first post really was too long, but I like to cover everything when something like this comes up, and it really has been years since I had to write up something like that.

But, nothing has been changed with the password system, nothing, and that's a part of the reason he's figured out how to post again (but there's a second thing that he figured out how to get around, too). But the prime problem is how the password system is set up. What I did note was that I'm gonna now have to totally change the password system that we have used here since about 2001 or so. This will result in everybody having to get new passwords - and I mean everybody, including myself. but it's work that I can't do, but once it's done, what happened with this asshole will never happen again, too, so it worth the money to do it.

The rest that you noted is all true, we have a special kind of Stones fan here today, a better kind of people. That's one reason there's never any flames made anymore. A year and a half ago - even then things were different and improving, but we had 3 oldtime posters who would go after others, or myself, simply because they disagreed with what we wrote. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with each other, but sometimes these 3 would personally attack their fellow Gassers and in turn, we lost a few posters here because of them. So I finally put my foot down in early March of '16, after the last flame post was made by a guy who wasn't a regular flamer, and who wasn't even banned. But that's when I decided that no flames, even mini-flames, would be allowed anymore. Around that same time 3 Gassers were banned, one who actually had left about 3 years before and came back simply to spam the board. Since he was with a small ISP, I totally banned him from the entire domain, since I can do that with small ISPs, but only if they are small. The other 2 were the last of the holdouts who were't that bad flamers, who only flamed once in a blue moon. One guy, who was from Colorado, years ago was a borderline bad flamer who seemed to become a better poster in the last couple of years that he was here. But then he made one too many mini-flames in a 2 weeks period so I banned him. I didn't even write him to tell him he was banned, but had he wrote me, I would have given him a second chance. Then the last guy is the other person from Pittsburgh, PA, the one I'm sure isn't flaming the board today, but could be. He was a guy who didn't flame regularly, but say something he disagreed with and he would lose his cool. I did give him a chance to come back, since I didn't dislike him, but he clearly disliked me and he remains gone today. But he never posted the kind of flames like Paul was posting for so many years, and started to do again about 2 weeks ago.

I guess there are more than 20 regular posters here. Perhaps it is enough?

It depends on what you call a "regular poster". We have just under 20 regulars posting here (17), then we have another 20 or so who post once in a blue moon. There are well over 500 active passwords out there and another 1500 that got deactivate after not being used in 2 years. But most people who sign up to post, never do, I would say the number who don't ever use their passwords (or maybe post once or twice and that's it) are at about 80% of the total who gets them. My guess is that's a normal thing that happens at other boards, too.

Anybody who was around when the board first started up recalls that there was no password in the early days, and it was insane here back then. What we would see post wise in a day, we now see in 10 days, and there were flames all over the place. As soon as the new password system came in, I knew the total of new daily posts would be cut in half, and it turned out to be even more than that. 90% of the flames went away, too.

Today, we got a nice mellow board with few problems, and really no problems are cause by any of our current Gassers. We are all friends here and care about each other. The current flamer was banned years ago and has zero reason to be flaming us, nothing was ever done to him to cause this, and I mean nothing. The man clearly has a screw loose to do what he did and is now doing again. I mean, if a normal person got banned for whatever reason, why would they want to ever go back to such a place again? No, none do, other than this clown, and again, I nor anybody else ever did anything to him, he always started the trouble for no reason, just like he's doing now. Just what did any of us do to him in the last month? Nothing at all is the answer, and all reading this know that!

I am happy with the number of people we have posting today, and if a few more newcomers wish to join us, fine, as long as they don't attack others. But for a very long time the old form used to sign up with here wasn't working, and that's what was fixed last week, so only in the last week could you sign up again to post, and no, this sick spammer had nothing to do with signing up on the new form, he started posting again before the form was back up and online.

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