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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: There's no definitive answer to this.
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time: 12:49:47 AM
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RE: RE: There's no definitive answer to this.

Wow, this question, from the start went all over the place. The main question itself as to who was the Stones, in the very beginning it was all 5 of them, but that didn't last long, as the band, by their second year or so split in two, with the Glimmers leading in one direction while Jones lead in another. Normally that doesn't work for a band, but it did work for the Stones until about '67 or so for them. Their songs back then might have read Jagger/Richard, but they were clearly Jagger/Richards/Jones all the way, but with ALO that didn't matter, he only wanted to promote 2 of them. By the late '60s into the early '70s it was all Jagger/Richards, even if Taylor helped out a ton for them, but like Jones, he was underappreciated. Then when Keith got into H too much, it was all Jagger's band, yet no matter what, without Keith's classic rock sound coming from his guitar, there was still his present in the band till this very day. But since the '80s it's been just been Jagger'a band as far as to who runs it.

The solo albums they put out was the worst thing to ever happen to the band, those songs, as Keith noted - should have been Stones songs, and they totally took away from the Stones. That crap was Jagger's fault 100%, it was only he who insisted that he had to put together those stupid, unwanted, and wasteful solo LPs together, and us fans never wanted them and that work almost ended the band, and resulted in the Stones' worst group effort ever, DW. But us fans coming together and totally refusing to buy MJ's solo LPs was actually the main reason the Stones stayed together and was around in the '90s and beyond. Had we went out and brought Jagger's first 2 solo LPs, the Stones would have died, but we didn't, we boycotted them and Jagger had to admit to being rejected for the first and only time in his life and stay put in the Stones, a great job in saving the band by all Stones fans indeed!

As far as who was the greatest rock and roll band of all time, come on, you can't let your love of the Stones get in the way of reality, it was the Beatles by about 10 light years. There was nothing close to them, and Jagger/Richards would be the first 2 to tell you that. The Stones in the '70s were the greatest rock band of that decade, yes indeed, and to this day they have nothing to be ashamed of, other than the Glimmers mistreatment of Jones and Taylor maybe, but they don't care about that. Their actions against Jones alone was worst than what they claimed he was doing to them; talk about 2 guys who needed to look in the mirror a bit but never did.

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