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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: not all answers can be correct
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time: 1:49:02 PM
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RE: RE: RE: not all answers can be correct

I look forward to reading your reply and debating it if necessary. Just remember, I was and to this day am still a Stones fan over being a Beatles fan, but, and a big but, I still loved the Beatles too, and I know that no matter what your debate point is when you place the Stones above the Beatles in the 1960s, I can counter it, since it's pretty easy to do, since the Beatles were clearly a step or 2 ahead in those days.

But all that didn't really matter if it was true or not, since I liked both bands, that was what mattered the most, the enjoyment I got out of them. Yet I'd be lying if I said I liked more 1960s Stones songs over the 1960s Beatles songs, since I didn't. What I liked more about the Stones was Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones - and in that very order, whereas at the same time I loved John Lennon just as much, but when it came to Paul, George and Ringo, well I liked Bill, and Charlie more, even if I knew that Paul was loaded with more talent then them 2 combined. I always had a love/dislike thing with Paul, not sure way, but it was there. Maybe because my older sister (the one who stole my Beatles ticket, and who deep down I didn't like a lot) liked Paul the best. I always knew John had more talent and sang better, even if in truth, Paul was more than likely the better musician of the 2. But I didn't really know that back in those days, since Paul only was shown playing bass in the early and mid '60s, when the guitar was king and was what everybody cared about back then, not bass. Most kids wanted to learn how to play guitar, not the bass. Hell, I think that's still true to this very day. Yet with that stated, I still to this day think that John was a better lead guitar player than Paul was, and both of them were better lead guitar players than George was. Paul was also a better drummer than Ringo was, too. He may have been the best overall musician in rock back then. Well no, Brian Jones was I guess, as even Paul couldn't play as many instruments as well as BJ could.

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